TruFlite Micro

Essential For Safe Operations


TruFlite Micro is our UAS weather solution fusing the best government and proprietary micro-weather predictive data sets from observation sources and gridded predictions customized for UAS Operations.


TruFlite Micro provides more granular predictions at 1,000 meter or better horizontal resolution, critical for capturing terrain influences that generate micro-climate wind variances that negatively impact safe and reliable UAS operations.


The micro predictions utilize a proprietary, high-resolution forecast model not freely available to the public. All below parameters forecast out to 24-hrs at 1 hr intervals.


Access our proprietary data with micro climate weather information customized for your purpose.

Current micro model regions include Central NY, Ashville, NC and Raleigh, NC. New micro sub-regions created upon request.

Forecast product formats include point data requests and tiled visualization requests.

Predictive Weather Parameters:
1. Temperature
2. Wind, Speed, Direction at 10m, 80m above ground level (available); 30m, 50m, 100m, and 305m (future)
3. Mean Sea Level Pressure
4. Total Precip
5. Visibility
6. Ceiling

To acquire the micro data set, TruFlite Core is required. There is an additional cost per micro sub-region and can choose one or multiple micro regions. If a new mico sub-region is desired, please submit a support request form.