Weather Infrastructure Design and Implementation

TruWeather Solutions designs and implements cost-effective diverse weather data collection and decision systems. We bring the best science and technology that is NOT leveraged in the aviation system today. We deliver a transformational comprehensive weather solution that meets evolving ASTM and global/sovereign governing authority weather standards. Adding weather and wind sensors where drones fly will increase real time measurements of actual weather conditions where none exist today.


NRG – ZX300

Wind Speed and Direction

Description: A lidar based vertical wind profiler capable of detecting wind speeds up to a height of 300 meters above ground level. ​

Dimensions: H = 100 cm, L = 90 cm, W = 90 cm ​

Weight: 55 kg​

Power: 12V @ 69W

Communications: Ethernet

Intellisense MWS

Temperature, Air Pressure, Humidity, Cloud Height/Ceiling, Wind Speed and Direction, Angular Tilt, Dust Accumulation, Lightning Distance, Visibility, 360° Imaging Camera

Description: A complete weather station with a ceilometer capable of detecting cloud layers up to 10,000 ft. Stand alone unit that requires no external power or communications.

Dimensions: H = 21 cm, L = 14 cm, W = 14 cm ​

Weight: 3.8lbs

Power: Solar Powered

Communications: 4G LTE modem

FT7 Series

Wind Speed and Direction

Description: Measures wind speed direction and temperature. No moving parts and maintenance-free

Dimensions: H = 161mm W = 56mm

Weight: 380g

Power: 12V to 30V DC, supports 12V battery operation

Communications: Available with digital RS485HD or analogue 4-20mA interface

Tempest Weather System

Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure, Lightning, Wind Speed and Direction, Ambient Light, UV Index, Solar Radiation, Rain Rate, Rain Accumulation, Rain Duration, Rain Intensity, Rain Start

Description: A lower resolution but affordable complete weather station that is easy to deploy.​

Dimensions: H = 8 in, D1(Top) = 4.5 in, D2(Bottom) = 2.5 in

Weight: 1 lb

Power: Solar Powered

Communications: 915 MHz radio to hub base station, and hub base station sends data to cloud server over WiFi network​.

MeteoHelix® IoT Pro

Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure, Solar Irradiation

Description: MeteoHelix IoT weather stations offer professional research grade accuracy meeting WMO standards.

Dimensions: Diameter = 170 mm, Height = 226 mm

Weight: 1.2 kg​

Power: Solar Powered

Communications: Wireless, Sigfox, LoRaWAN​

MeteoWind® IoT Pro

Wind Speed and Direction

Description: Compact anemometer and wind direction vane sensor for horizontal wind speed measurement.

Dimensions: Anemometer rotor diameter = Ø 164 mm, Wind vane radius =111 mm, Total height = 272 mm ​

Weight: 210 g, Wireless module with battery 500 g​

Power: Solar charger with a Lithium-Ion battery

Communications: LoRaWAN or Sigfox wireless

Trisonica Mini

Wind Speed and Direction, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, 3D Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Dew Point, Air Density

Description: A complete weather station that specializes in high data output and high-resolution wind data. Compact and light enough to be installed on a sUAS​

Dimensions: H = 5.2 cm, L = 9.1 cm, W = 9.1 cm ​

Weight: 50 grams​

Power: 5-36V DC @ 30mA, power must be supplied through installation hardware.​

Communications: RS-232, RS-422, or UART from sensor to gateway device, and either ethernet, WiFi, or 4G LTE modem from gateway device to cloud server

Metro Weather Wind Guardian

Wind Speed and Direction

Description: A doppler lidar capable of detecting wind speed and direction up to 15 km away, and at a 10-meter vertical resolution​.

Dimensions: H = 85 cm, L = 65 cm, W = 65 cm ​

Weight: 150 kg​

Power: 120V AC @ 10 Amps

Communications: Ethernet​



MeteoMatics Meteodrone

Temperature, Wind Speed and Direction, Dew Point, Air Pressure

Description: A vertical profiling weather drone that is capable of flying up to 16,900 ft and able to withstand winds up to 50 knots. Option for heated propellers to fly into icing conditions​.

Dimensions: H = 30 cm, L = 70 cm, W = 70 cm ​

Weight: 5 kg​

Power: Battery powered, 40 min flight time and 45 min battery recharge time

Communications: 900 MHz radio link between drone and control center​