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Professional Weather Services that enable smart companies

to make smart decisions.


Incorporating professional weather services into AAM operations not only enhances safety and efficiency but also provides a competitive edge by ensuring reliable and cost-effective measures. Intelligence such as long-term weather trends and climate data can inform strategic planning and infrastructure development. This allows AAM businesses to make data-driven decisions about expanding routes, establishing vertiports, and investing in new technologies.

Meteorologist Forecast Services
Forecast service (including overwatch) for event/mission planning and monitoring, notifications, alerting, weather briefings solution consulting and project management with a service for responding to customer requests and decision support.

Weather Sensor Gap Analysis and Optimization
A service that analyzes existing weather observation gaps and identifies the best locational placement and densification of a sensor or a suite of sensors to provide the best weather data coverage for customer’s operations and flights

Climatological and Historical Data Analysis
A service that examines climatological and historical weather data and patterns to assist with site selection and prioritization.

Weather Workflow and API Analysis
A service that evaluates existing workflows include Go/No Go decisions, automation, and API usage to provide solutions and guidance to optimize and automate processes the benefit of the customer.

Custom UI/UX (Web Card)
A service that works closely with end users to identify how best to incorporate TruWeather products and data into workflow and presented in displays (dashboards).

Weather Proficiency Training
Seasonal weather training and refresh for the use of TruWeather products – online, in-person, and training modules.