PRESS RELEASE: TruWeather Solutions and DRONERESPONDERS Partner to Bring Advanced Digital Weather Services to Public Safety

PRESS RELEASE: TruWeather Solutions and DRONERESPONDERS Partner to Bring Advanced Digital Weather Services to Public Safety

Localized weather reports for remotely piloted autonomous DFR operations

Reston, VA – TruWeather Solutions (TWS), a Northern Virginia based weather data and analytics company, and DRONERESPONDERS, the premier 501(c)3 non-profit program supporting the use of uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) by public safety agencies and emergency services organizations around the world, today announced a strategic partnership to promote the use of digital weather services in part of comprehensive toolset for Public Safety and Drone as a First Responder (DFR).

Digital weather services play a crucial role in modernizing and optimizing public safety and DFR operations, improving operational readiness, response time and mission success.  As drone programs scale and fly longer distances autonomously, having better awareness of dynamic wind and weather changes will be critical to optimizing DFR programs predictability, reliability, and mission effectiveness.

“DRONERESPONDERS is excited to partner with TruWeather Solutions to bring the most advanced digital weather services to Pilots-In-Command (PIC) with the fielding of remotely operated, autonomous drone-in-a-box systems. Don Berchoff and the TruWeather Team are the UAS weather experts and have been tracking the evolving DFR weather needs as operations expand to greater distances beyond-visual-line-of-site (BVLOS.) With a customized one-stop shop weather interface, PIC time spent managing weather uncertainty today is reallocated to higher priority decisions to accelerate DFR readiness and response times”, said Chief Charles Werner (Ret.), Director DRONERESPONDERS Public Safety Alliance.

TruWeather’s V360° geospatial weather intelligence helps operators understand weather patterns and atmospheric conditions in precise geographical areas. The collection of hyper-local data marks a pivotal shift, greatly enhancing weather measurements for winds above tree lines and buildings. Moreover, it facilitates a more accurate determination of low cloud heights and visibility, particularly crucial for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operated remotely from within a command or dispatch center rather than operated in the conditions the drone is operating. “We offer a choice of customized weather networks that align with the localized historical micro-weather challenges, budgets and operational scopes”, said Don Berchoff, CEO, TruWeather Solutions.

TruWeather Solutions also aims to work with drone program managers to streamline the acquisition of weather sensors and services by collaborating with other drone service providers to integrate weather sensors and digital services into a comprehensive DFR drone ecosystem solution. Berchoff adds, “We are pursuing a comprehensive strategy that involves multiple drone service providers bundling services into a complete “drone-in-a-box” ecosystem solution. This holistic approach incorporates detect-and-avoid capabilities, weather integration, and UTM/airspace management strategies tailored for any municipality who seeks to receive all capabilities to meet mission critical needs in one acquisition.”

DRONERESPONDERS is the leading and largest nonprofit program to advance public safety drones with over 8,700 members, participation from 89 countries and 500+ international members. DRONERESPONDERS has the largest online Resource Center, the largest online Public Safety Drone Directory/Dashboard, a nationwide Drone as a First Responder Working Group and works on FAA public safety waivers. DRONERESPONDERS membership and all resources are free.

About TruWeather Solutions
TruWeather was established in 2015, driven by the vision of its CEO, a former Science and Technology Director at the National Weather Service, to commercialize advanced weather science and technologies. Recognizing the significant gap in observing and accurately modeling low-altitude weather (<5,000 feet AGL), TruWeather developed a three-pronged approach and the V360° platform to achieve the weather intelligence required to enable the AAM industry. The comprehensive weather sensor, data, and analytics V360° platform delivers observed weather data, analyses, forecasts, alerts, and enhanced hazard detection through both API and web interfaces. V360° integrates a wide range of weather sensors along with government, commercial, and proprietary datasets into a cohesive analytics platform, offering tailored decision insights based on specific geographic conditions, prevailing weather regimes, and operational safety thresholds. For more information, contact Lisa Tinnesz, [email protected]  or

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