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The first all-in-one eVTOL
and drone weather forecast

See the predictive radar, winds aloft maps, official government aviation weather data and more all in one app.

Easy and Powerful

TruFlite V360° smartly consolidates, customizes and delivers very precise weather insights to a single drone operator, dispatcher, airspace manager or business owner to accelerate and enable better business decisions. The SaaS tiered subscription model delivers results via simple API or web interface.

TruFlite MyRadar

TruFlite MyRadar is the visualized version of the MyRadar™ application that provides predicted weather movement for the next hour to make real-time operational decisions.

Surface Observations

Surface Observations provides a simpler way to extract weather data for a specific point. The response will include weather variables such as temperature, wind (speed, direction, gust), visibility, pressure, and weather for the point requested.


The Aviation service provides official government weather data, giving you the convenience of additional decision insight without moving to an additional web browser. One stop shop providing you all the information you need.

Current Weather tiles

The tiled visualizations weather solution fuses the best data sets from observation sources and gridded predictions customized by your weather parameters. We narrow it down to what you need using freely available government data.


MissionCAST delivers a Go/No Go mission specific stoplight chart for your designated takeoff and landing points, reflecting the custom thresholds you set for the specific airframe and mission.

Camera Network

Weather Network produces weather observations by performing analytics on a network of both private and public cameras, providing metadata and observation metrics for road conditions, visibility and precip.


The web application is the first on the market to provide one-stop-shop customized weather awareness for drone and air taxi (eVTOL) dispatch and command centers and operators. The products available in the Weather Workbook are TruFlite MyRadar, Surface Oberserations, Aviation Weather Data, Current Weather Tiles, MissionCAST and Camera Network. All of these products are also available in individual APIs. Contact us for pricing.

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Currently available with TruFlite Saas APIs 


RouteCAST is a route evaluation tool. Provide your route waypoints and wind thresholds that impact your safety and mission accomplishment and receive custom route data with a color-coded risk indicator based on the predicted winds.

Micro Weather

TruFlite Micro provides more granular predictions at 3,000 meters or better horizontal resolution, critical for capturing terrain influences that generate micro-climate winds, cloud ceiling and visibility variances over short flights. Ask us about our 1,000 meter data sets.

Terrain Mapping

TruFlite Terrain Mapping Service fuses the highest resolution terrain mapping available with your route profile to ensure adequate clearance above the Earth’s surface for visual and beyond-line-of-sight operations.

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Airspace and Ground Alerts