TruWeather Solutions Releases TruFlite V360° SaaS Weather for Commercial Drone Pilots and Air Taxis

TruWeather Solutions Releases TruFlite V360° SaaS Weather for Commercial Drone Pilots and Air Taxis

TruFlite V360° Simplifies Operator Weather Workflow in One Interface While Meeting FAA Part 107 Weather Minimums

Reston, VA and Syracuse, NY/ February 21, 2021 – TruWeather Solutions, a leading micro weather data and analytics company, announces the launch of the TruFlite V360° digital UAS Weather Workbook web application. The application provides drone operators a simple, but powerful user interface to access TruWeather’s hyper local weather decision support services for enterprise flight control and airspace management systems. The web application is the first on the market to provide one-stop-shop customized weather awareness for drone and air taxi dispatch and command centers, and operators. TruWeather’s real-time micro weather data sets and predictions better capture terrain and land/water influences that generate localized winds, and cause cloud ceiling and visibility variances during VLOS and BVLOS flights.

TruFlite V360° simplifies decision-making with actionable weather insights designed to increase vehicle utilization rates and optimize stakeholder resources and scheduling for the best flight windows. TruWeather is the first weather solution provider to offer a deeply immersive weather experience built specifically for drone pilots and air taxi operations, all focused on helping the pilot meet FAA Part 107 weather minimums and Part 135 weather requirements.

TruFlite V360° offers a suite of products, which include predictive radar, surface observations, official government aviation weather data, visual depictions of mission impacting weather, camera analytics, and a Go/No-Go stoplight chart reflecting custom thresholds for small drone operators. TruWeather will engage users to hear about new features operators wish to see in the future. TruWeather will release an accompanying mobile app in the spring, and a bespoke airspace and ground alerting service in the summer of 2021.

“This has been a three-year effort with team members embedded with UAS Test Ranges, small drone pilots, UTM Service Suppliers, State DoTs, and UAS standards groups to understand exactly what is lacking in aviation weather services today,” said Don Berchoff, CEO. “The TruFlite V360° Weather Workbook is built for commercial drone pilots that ubiquitously fly many miles from the nearest weather reporting observation site. It eliminates the need to piecemeal a complete weather picture from fragmented webpages that provide an incomplete picture.”

TruWeather anticipates the FAA enforcing regulations that require the remote drone pilot to maintain knowledge of the weather in which the drone will operate, especially in LAANC areas and for BVLOS missions. TruWeather’s mantra is to outperform standard aviation and general weather datasets to help remote pilots efficiently meet FAA requirements, while leveraging the advanced decision tools to improve mission effectiveness rates, profits and client satisfaction.

“Improving micro-weather forecasts for low-altitude drone operations is critically important as we move from line of sight to beyond line-of-sight operations,” said Frank Matus, Director of the Digital Aviation Segment, Americas. “Safety of operations and the broader airspace system is critically important so that’s why Thales is partnering with TruWeather by integrating weather data sets and analytics resulting in higher fidelity forecasts for UAS operators.”

To sign up for TruFliteV360° Weather Workbook visit TruWeather Solutions or contact Taylor Trask at [email protected].

Established in 2015, TruWeather Solutions, Inc is a leading provider of weather data analytics and innovative weather risk management products in the US market and beyond. TruWeather’s customized translation of real-time and predictive weather data into discreet workflow decision insights sharpens resource scheduling, planning, and mission execution. This results in safer, more productive operations and business success.

Taylor Trask
TruWeather Solutions UAS Weather Scientist
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