TruWeather Solutions Unveils Next-Generation Product Suite to Revolutionize Low-Altitude Weather Decision-Making

TruWeather Solutions Unveils Next-Generation Product Suite to Revolutionize Low-Altitude Weather Decision-Making

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Reston, VA 19 April 2024 - TruWeather Solutions is taking another step forward as a prominent supplier of weather data analytics and groundbreaking weather risk management products, specializing in both crewed and uncrewed low-level aviation and ground transportation systems. Set to be released at AUVSI XPONENTIAL on Monday, April 22, 2024, is their next-generation V360° product suite, aimed at transforming weather decision-making for operators, dispatchers, schedulers, airspace managers, and others. New premium features and enhanced products offer unparalleled capabilities for mission planning, route optimization, and real-time weather monitoring in an all-in-one interface.

The new release includes two premium services, Alerting and RouteCast. The powerful alerting tool provides ground point and airspace weather alerts customized based on user-defined thresholds and locations. Parameters include cloud/ceiling, visibility, surface wind, low-altitude wind, lightning, and NWS warnings. If user thresholds are met, an automated email message will promptly be sent. RouteCast, a route evaluation tool, pulls the best predictive weather data and displays a color-coded risk indicator based on route waypoints and user-defined wind and cloud thresholds.

In addition to the new products, V360° has enhanced standard features to provide comprehensive weather insights with an easy user interface. The modern design has new map selections, custom threshold settings, PDF export, and a video tutorial library. V360° offers high-resolution weather predictions across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the Middle East, with South America and New Zealand coming soon.

Among the features that sets TruWeather's V360° Weather platform apart is its sensor plug-and-play feature, giving users one-stop access to data and information from a variety of novel weather instruments that are not commonly available … ground-based cameras, miniature weather stations, weather drones, and others. This capability begins to fill the void in areas further away from airports, providing a more complete picture of actual weather conditions in a region of interest, reducing the uncertainty, and enabling smarter decision making.

"At TruWeather Solutions, we are dedicated to empowering operators, schedulers, and anyone else who might want to make a decision based on weather conditions, with the most advanced weather decision tools available," said Tom Frooninckx, COO at TruWeather Solutions. "Our latest product suite represents a significant advancement in low-altitude weather intelligence, offering new capabilities for planning, monitoring, and optimizing operations on the ground or in the air. With a focus on innovation and client satisfaction, we are committed to delivering more accurate and timely cutting-edge information and services."

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Contact: Lisa Tinnesz, Director of Marketing and Communications, TruWeather Solutions, [email protected]

About TruWeather Solutions: TruWeather Solutions was established in 2015, driven by the vision of its CEO, a former Science and Technology Director at the National Weather Service, to commercialize advanced weather science and technologies. Recognizing the significant gap in observing and accurately modeling low-altitude weather (<5,000 feet AGL), TruWeather developed a three-pronged approach (Data Collection, Analytics, Visualization) and the V360° platform to achieve the weather intelligence required to enable the AAM industry. The comprehensive weather sensor, data, and analytics V360° platform delivers observed weather data, analyses, forecasts, alerts, and enhanced hazard detection through both API and web interfaces.

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