IDU Group and TruWeather Solutions Join Forces Providing Solutions for Safe, Scalable Drone Deliveries

IDU Group and TruWeather Solutions Join Forces Providing Solutions for Safe, Scalable Drone Deliveries

Drones are the future of e-commerce and deliveries.

Low-cost weather sensors and micro-weather data enhances the efficiency of “Smartbox” operations.

IDU Group and TruWeather Solutions jointly announce a strategic collaboration to integrate weather and micro-weather capabilities into IDU’s applications that will provide seamless, end to end drone deliveries for Healthcare and eCommerce Industries.

IDU provides a blueprint that will unite drone capabilities with integrated digital communications and tracking. “Smartbox”, a fully autonomous mailbox mounted above ground level, is a key component to making drone delivery accessible to all. TruWeather will do its part to enable last mile weather solutions using bespoke weather measurements, sensor data and modeling, focused on low altitude airspace.

Kevin Duckers, CEO of IDU Group says ‘This unique industry collaboration with TruWeather Solutions will allow us to apply extremely accurate, micro weather data across the entire drone economy. A detailed understanding of highly focused, customised micro-forecasts will be a major enabler of localised drone delivery, enabling safe and accurate operations. By combining smart infrastructure, weather sensors and data platforms, IDU Group and TruWeather Solutions will provide high resolution/micro-analytics that will take weather forecasting to a whole new level of accuracy. We are excited to be working with TruWeather Solutions on this and further projects in the future.’

TruWeather is leader in Advanced Air Mobility micro weather solutions and decision systems today. Their TruFlite V360° micro weather data and analytic SaaS platform focuses on addressing weather pain points in autonomous operations. TruFlite Vertical 360° is the first digital application to transfer private-sector sensor data, through APIs or web application, to end users. It provides a vertical 360° view of the atmosphere for real-time actionable insights.

Don Berchoff, CEO of TruWeather Solutions says “I love IDU’s vision for scaling drone systems and operations. We need to leverage drone infrastructure to integrate low-cost weather sensors during the design phase and IDU has had the foresight to do this. The decision to invest in weather sensors and leverage TruWeather will have force multiplying effects on enhancing operations efficiency and flight time per airframe. We are excited about working with IDU in Europe and around the globe.”

About IDU Group Ltd
IDU Group is an industry leader building the smart infrastructure required to help commercialise drone delivery. Designing and implementing future city solutions, IDU will increase productivity, sustainability, efficiency, growth and connectivity between citizens and services.
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About TruWeather Solutions, Inc
TruWeather is a leading provider of weather data analytics and innovative weather risk management products with a focus on low level aviation and ground transportation systems. Founded on over 35 years’ experience across the aviation, logistics and weather industries, and acknowledged as experts in setting standards for the safe operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, the company provides the highest quality insights alongside excellent technical and operational forecasting support services. TruWeather’s customized translation of real-time and predictive weather data into discreet workflow decision insights sharpens resource scheduling, planning and mission execution resulting in safer, more productive operations and business success.
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Contact: Lisa Tinnesz, [email protected]

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