Chief Scientist

Posted 1 month ago

Job title: Chief Scientist at TruWeather Solutions

Job summary:
Weather information is critical for aviation in decision-making and mission planning especially for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Scalable growth and the profitability of the UAS industry depends on better micro-weather data sets and decision insights. This job is focused on developing and overseeing TruWeather Solutions scientific capabilities. This includes the development of micro-model capabilities, with an emphasis in solving wind challenges associated with manmade structures in urban areas and UAS-focused weather products that address unique UAS weather pain points at fine-scale resolutions. This position is based in the TruWeather Solutions Innovation Center in Grand Forks, ND. The chosen candidate will also be responsible for the management of the office, development of weather models and products and supervise scientific personnel to promote the efficiency, profitability and competitive position of the company.

Responsibilities and duties:
• Develop the company’s capabilities and coordinate scientific activities to deliver weather products to UAS operators.
• Align company capabilities with its mission and vision.
• Develop urban-scale models and unique weather products
• Conduct and oversee various work efforts and participate in seeking opportunities.
• Recruit qualified personnel and evaluating their performance.
• Meet the scientific goals and interests of the company.

Education requirements:
Ph.D. in atmospheric sciences, meteorology or related fields with postdoctoral degree in weather modelling applied to UAS operations.

Minimum experience and skills requirements:
• Expertise in weather impact on UAS operations
• Expertise in mesoscale and microscale weather forecasting applied to UAS operations
• Expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), turbulence modeling and industrial
numerical software
• Expertise in coupled CFD-weather numerical models applied to UAS operations
• Expertise in data assimilation, models improvements and evaluation
• Expertise in numerical coding and advanced High Performance Computing (HPC)
• Experience in mentoring personnel and projects development
• Experience in proposals developing, grants writing including Small-Business Innovation
Research (SBIR) and fundraising

General skills requirements:
• Excellent communication skills
• Updated on the technological advances and weather industry trends
• Team-oriented and flexible
• Determined to solve problems
• Effective in multitasking

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