Operational Meteorologist

Operational Meteorologist

Posted 2 months ago

TruWeather Solutions is looking for a Live Shift work Operational Meteorologist for our Albany Operations Center. Employees will be New York State tax exempt until December 31st, 2026. 

About TruWeather and what we expect from you: 

As respected innovators in meteorology, TruWeather Solutions challenges conventional weather thinking and provides cutting-edge micro weather technology for the age of autonomy. We are a community of passionate leaders— whatever your expertise or role, we all work to empower the future of the entire TWS team. 

We seek a teammate who will innovate with us, roll up your sleeves and never be satisfied with the status quo. You know automated machine-to-machine data sets are here to stay, but humbly, know the human can still add targeted value and heuristics to our imperfect science. You want to help us improve micro-weather data understanding and translate complex weather science into simple decisions for clients and operators. 

Weather visualizations are sometimes imperfect. Your role will strive to understand where the uncertainty lies and communicate the uncertainty in a way that provides real value to decision-making. We look for confidence in handling situations and the ability to clearly and confidently articulate why the situation will play out as you see it. Your responsibility is to understand the client’s mission, application, and goals and contribute in any way possible to ensure their success. You ask questions. You pride yourselves in being accepted as a client “team-member” by earning their trust. When a forecast does not work out, you are introspective, understand what happened, and apply lessons learned. 

At TruWeather, we view weather as a risk and liability to business profits, client satisfaction, and worker safety that requires a commitment to applying science to an operational problem. We are committed to providing the most precise weather intelligence possible to anticipate and mitigate the threat. 

If you are a passionate self-starter with excellent forecast skills, technical proficiency, a strong desire to grow, and excited at the opportunity of contributing to a growing tech startup supporting the rapidly growing drone/UAV/UAS industry, we want you. 

What you can expect from TruWeather: 

We promise this will be one of the most rewarding and career-enhancing weather positions you will ever have…if you make the commitment to excellence. Our leadership is focused on mentoring and developing you as a professional, growing your skill set, and meeting your full potential in preparation for the next opportunity within TruWeather. You will be on a team committed to excellence, your success, and the overall company mission. TruWeather is on a very exciting path in a rapidly developing industry, and your potential is limited only by your desire to excel. 

TruWeather Solutions is seeking an experienced Operational Weather Forecaster with at least five years’ experience building forecasts for various clients. Someone with a solid conceptual understanding of meteorology and mesoscale weather forecasting. TWS is an industry leader in weather technology for the rapidly developing Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) industry, so aviation weather experience is preferred. Excellent communications skills and the ability to clearly communicate weather risk to customers is a must. 


· Five years minimum proven experience in weather forecasting for operations working with various stakeholders (energy, aviation, emergency management, etc.) 

· Drone/aviation forecast experience preferred 

· Deep conceptual understanding of meteorology and ability to translate the science into simple decision-support impact guidance 

· Ability to work in an environment that requires solving problems under rapidly changing weather conditions impacting client operations 

· Ability to write forecast studies and Standard Operating Procedures preferred 

· Basic familiarization in testing new weather products and software interfaces preferred 

· Background in mining for weather data, quality control, and customer relations 

· Excellent written and verbal communication skills 

· Impeccable attention to detail 

· Ability to work in a dynamic environment and on several tasks simultaneously 

· Ability to keep a schedule and exceed with minimal supervision 

· Ability to apply weather knowledge to assist in the development of new technology 

· Travel will be required as needed to attend trade shows, support clients, attend training, and company meetings 

· Knowledge of programming languages such as Python is considered a plus 

Job Responsibilities: 

· Create and present daily operational weather forecasts for clients 

· Monitor automated weather products for clients and identify when the quality of guidance is insufficient for client operations, and provide targeted forecast guidance when necessary to improve client decision-making 

· Create and disseminate alerts on hazards in real-time directly to clients 

· Support high visibility operations onsite, including presenting weather briefings 

· Conduct product quality control 

· Conduct client drone weather education and training 

· Review new automated products during product development to ensure high-quality standards are met before transitioning to production 

· Collect customer feedback for the improvement of products and software 

· Develop and present research projects 

· Take part in aviation weather regulation panels and discussions for unmanned systems 

· Prepare and deliver shift change briefings to oncoming meteorologists 

· Perform other duties as assigned 24/7, including holidays as required 

TruWeather has a positive, diverse, and supportive culture—we look for people who are curious, inventive, and work to be a little better every single day. In our work together, we aim to be smart, humble, hardworking, and, above all, collaborative. 

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